Three Available Floor Plans And A Homelike Atmosphere

Even our smallest room is spacious and comfortable. Our three floor plans include a 284-square-foot studio, a 330-square-foot deluxe studio, and a 574-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment.

Each room features a refrigerator and a microwave. Optional features include an in-room telephone and cable television and Internet service through TruVista.

Cozy furnishings, attractive carpeting and wall coverings, artwork, warm lighting and other appealing features make The Gables feel like home. The common areas are pleasant and inviting, with plenty of space for socializing with family and friends.

The Gables Offers More Than Custodial Care…We Offer The Peace Of Mind That Comes With Knowing Your Family Member Is Receiving The Best In Assisted Living.

24-Hour Service, 7 Days A Week

Assistance is never more than moments away. Trained staff members are always on duty, and call cords are installed beside each bed, in each bathroom and, if needed, beside the resident’s chair. The sense of security and well-being is comforting to residents and family members alike.

Trained, Professional Staff

Our staff members have been trained to care for the unique, frequently challenging and quickly changing needs of seniors. We are committed to upholding the dignity and providing the respect seniors deserve… always.

Medication Administration

Certified Medication Aides (CMAs), who are Certified Nursing Assistants with advanced training, administer residents’ medications. These staff members must pass a state-approved test, be listed on a state registry, and have continuing education to remain a CMA. They are monitored by a pharmacy consultant and have a refresher course every two years taught by a Registered Nurse.


Nutritional Services

Good nutrition can be a challenge for seniors who are on their own. At The Gables, we offer healthy, tasty meals and snacks that are attractively presented. Our dining area is like a fine restaurant. If your family member is at The Gables, you can rest your mind about whether he or she is eating well.

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Regular cleaning of rooms, linen services and everyday cleaning chores are all provided for our residents. No worries about fresh bed sheets and towels or other cleaning tasks that seniors may find difficult to perform!


Do you worry that a family member is continuing to drive beyond the time he or she can safely do so? At The Gables, we can provide transportation to doctor appointments in Royston. Through our activities program, we take residents to shop and to enjoy local events.

Wellness Programs

In addition to overall health evaluation as needed, we check blood pressure, pulse, respiration and temperature; monitor weight and nutritional status; and provide regular exercise through our activities program.

As-Needed Services

As an individual’s circumstances and self-care abilities change, we can personalize services to meet the changing needs of our residents. Services may be added or deleted as needed.